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Brothers in Arms

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Dear members,


Uli and I know each other since ten years and we are close friends. So we decided to do a project that we called "Brothers in Arms". Quickly we decided that each of us had to build a folding knife after one design. I drove up to Uli and we started the work. I brought my damascus to Uli and used that for a sanmai construction.


Here is the link and there are many pictures. http://www.messerforum.net/showthread.php?t=95733


You will understand it, even if it is in german. I do hope that you like what Uli and I did. I will try to show the finished knives here.


This is Ulis folder with Upotex bolsters and ebony scales:













And here is mine with bolsters from the same damascus used for the blades and mammothbone scales.


cyrus FINAL Colage 2.jpg



Thanks for looking,


BR Cyrus and Uli

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Thank you Niko,


it was a lot of fun and I actually like it better to work with a friend in a shop than always alone. Anyway, we plan to do it next year again.


BR; Cyrus

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Hi Greg,


thanks alot man, both knives turned out good and the sequence of the pictures is also good. I just was not sure if it was possible to see them pictures. If not, just register there and you can see the pictures in big.


BR, Cyrus

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