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The African-esque SWAX

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The wicked little forging bug has been having its way with me again, and that piece of 1.5" round 1045 just called out to become something dire and exciting. Thus the swax was born, and I can't decide whether it is of African or Malaysian parentage... possibly both? I haven't HT'd this yet, so we have only done some minor testing, but so far the feeling has been that it hits more like an axe than a sword. Even going into maple logs (strike point just behind the "bill") there is absolutely no feeling of impact. The fully integral handle adds a lot of weight, but it is super comfy and helps the balance a lot. I'm tempted to make some smaller versions as camp knives due to the serious tree trimming ability this would have.


Overall length: 24"

blade length: 18"

point-to-point: 7"

weight: 3 lbs 2 oz


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Hot damn I like that. Brush beware! ^_^

My life is like shaving with a razor sharp machete. It's a bit awkward and I feel a sting every now and then, but in the end I'm happy with the results.

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WOW, thats looks wicked :D ,could be a sweet Zombie blade!cant wait to see it finished!


A bad day forging... is still better than pretty much anything else

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look - a sword that actually weighs what everyone seems to think they are supposed to weigh (everyone who has never held or swung a sword, that is).


It is wicked, and I can see a smaller version being a catchy and useful camp tool. It would be a limb-eating monster. Also, if you make a smaller one, you can THROW IT!


fun stuff.


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Wow! That thing's got to be a beast. How thick is it?




The handle is about 1" thick at the butt and in the palm swell with a little sweep in between and

then tapers down into the blade. The blade itself starts at about 3/8" and tapers quickly to about 1/4"

and then a slow taper to 3/16" in the flare. It is heavier than all but the two-handers, but then again it

is also a lot shorter. A bit more like a kukri than a sword. As to being too heavy to use, well it is about the

same weight as my standard forging hammer but the balance is much better. I wouldn't expect a lot of finesse

from it in a fight, but it packs a lot of hitting power given how easy it is to swing.


Once it is finished I'll try to get some video so folks can see it in action! Maybe we can rustle up a zombie (or

a wooden stand-in) for the demo.



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I want one..

Me too!

George Ezell, bladesmith

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I'm in the camp with the "I want one" people. NICE!

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