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all most done military gift

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This knife is getting there I tell you hand sanding hardened 440 is hard I think i got the blade where i want it so now more on the handle today i dye the handle leather and drill the lanyard hole polish the end cap then polish the handle maybe all that today ,i've been building a tire carrier for the jeep so maybe i'll have this knife done this weekend maybe next i want the dye to dry real good and to tell you the truth i'm wore out hand sanding been at it for 8 hours now . anyways heres a look at the knife so far. the handle spacers are the afghanistan campaign ribbon colors and i tryed to make it as close as pos. to the right spacing to match the exact ribbon think i did it. its my first time staining leather on knife handles we'll see how that goes mixing with the spacers ........ i think i'll try it on a spare first .....LOL .. OYa This is a take down handle i want the guy to be able to clean it with ease. this knife is a freebe to a solider coming back from afgh.









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Very nice.


What are you using for for the ribbon material? I'm working on a stacked leather handle right now, and wouldn't have thought to stain it. What color are you thinking of? What grit will you take it to and call it done?


Looks great and I'm sure that it will be a hit with the vet.

When reason fails...

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ok so i got to give this away tonight and still dont have it engraved its going to have his name on it and unit he was with in afgh. but i'll have to do that when he wants to give it up o well i was sanding the handle more and the wife asked me to help load the horse that would not go in the trailer so we butt wrapped him and sure as all get up he kicked and dislocated three of my fingers put them right in the palm of my hand it looked like they where gone but they just literally went into the palm of my hand . man that hurts so i pulled them out with a big three pops there back !!!!!! LOL so to say the least i stopped sanding and just stained the handle and i'm going to call this one done. i tell ya i sure hate that i quit drinking because some jack sound good about now LOL.








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