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Whats a Little Giant worth???

Anthony C

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Hello guys,

Today I found this 50lb Little Giant close enough to pick up, but don't know what it's worth. This is an item that I would love to have. A nice piece of history like this would be a great addition to my little shop. I haven't really researched the values of these and keep coming up empty handed on prices. I figured if there was a good resource for this kind of information this would be the place. It was rebuilt in 1994 (I don't know who did the rebuild) and it comes with the drawing dies. I was also curious how large of an isolation pad I would need for it and an estimate on the weight of the machine. If anyone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated.




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"Work is the curse of the drinking class...." (Wilde)

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I paid 2,000$ for mine. The guy had spent near that in new parts to rebuild a lot of it.

Bottom dovetail is damaged, but it works.


Machine is about 1800 pounds. I've heard others say you want about equal weight in your pad. Mine is overbuilt at twice that lol.


I think I've read that 3,500 is a good price for one in great shape and no damage. Especially if it's all been rebuilt.


www.littlegianthammer.com has a ton of info.


Someday I'd like to have the dovetail repaired but that depends a lot on if it gives me trouble.

I would like some new dies for it though.

Beau Erwin


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Anthony try looking at the ABANA website and finding local blacksmith chapters in your area. Then check the local blacksmith chapters' websites for sale sections and you might find some pricing on hammers.


I have attached the 50 foundation plan pdf from the Little Giant website.


Hope this helps out some and good luck on the hammer acquisition.



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Gary was right Sid's the man.


Now for the bad news. I can assume from the photo with the pass through frame this is an extremely old style with the single bolt main bearing, on a fifty, these were not as strong as they needed to be. They changed they're design after a short run. Also you'll notice the cast in ram guide on the left, this has caused more than enough headaches.


The hammer does look to be in good shape though, from the picture.


A fifty does weight in at 1800 pounds and you should have at least that amount of concrete. The foundation plans would be accurate.


I hope this helps.


Dave from Diller

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Thanks for the help guys. I will be making some phone calls on Monday and see what happens ;)

"Work is the curse of the drinking class...." (Wilde)

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