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here's one i've just finished up - it was commissioned by a friend for his father-in-law's birthday. it has about a 3 1/2" blade of 2.5mm 1070 equivalent, clay hardened in oil, with a very nice piece of antler for the handle.


primitive folder 2.jpg


primitive folder 1.jpg


the lock is an adaptation of the opinel idea, which i figured would be pretty simple, but which has a lot of subtleties which become obvious once you start building the damn thing. the sleeve is copper, and the rotating collar is brass, both fabricated out of sheet - this would be much easier to do on a wooden handle turned in a lathe and concentric tube (i know you can turn antler, but it relies on having a stable enough core to get a screw into). the pivot is some kind of tough nail, and instead of a nail-nick i set three brass rivets, which i prefer the look of.


anyway, let me know what you think...

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I like it. the brass rivets go nicely with the lock.

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Oh, now THAT's a beauty! :ph34r:


I'd wondered about that locking system myself, it does seem like it could be a right pain in the rear to get just right.

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