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which grits?

Eric Canel

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I am going to order some edm stones for blade finishing and im not sure which grits to get they have 180 220 280 320 400 and 600 im going to use them to completely finish the blade after filing, which grits will i use the most if not all of them?

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I use 220 and 400 the most. 180 when there is some serious material to move, like cleaning a fuller after filing. Almost never use the higher grits, though I own a few. It seems that the higher grits tend to gaul or scratch or every now and then have a fragment of grit that is larger than it is supposed to be. At least the ones I have gotten from McMaster Carr and MSC both had some issues with the higher grits. I am sure there are some more expensive ones out there that don't, but I was going the relatively cheap path.


they are great for trueing and crisping, though.



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I use Boride Abrasives "orange" EDM stones in the range of 120-220-400-600-900 before switching to Japanese waterstones...I spend the most time on the #220 and #400 stones, though (like Kevin's experience).


ETA: The #900 are not "orange" stones, but special white Aluminum Oxide sticks. They don't last long.

Kevin ("perfessor") you should check these out, I've never had any galling issues with these Boride sticks (though YMMV).



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