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Recurve Bowie

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I'm awfully proud of this knife. I really feel like I made improvements in the fit and finish of this one. I got a really good friction fit on the guard and smallest blade shoulder/guard gap to date! I still have to work on the sheath, but I've got a little time before delivery. It's meant to be a knife for the wife of the guy who got my last knife (What a sentence!). She said she really liked the style and all, but wanted something smaller.


Blade is 7 and a half inches long, quarter inch thick, 1 and three quarter inches wide at the widest.

13 and a half inches overall


The blade was differentially heat treated by only letting the edges reach austenitizing temperature. I saw the line when I was polishing, but left it at a satin finish.


It's shaving sharp on both the main and false edge.




Let me know what you think,


-Ethan Perry

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I've been thinking the same thing, Matt. I've been looking for someone with an actual camera to take pictures for a while, and lots of people agree, but somehow it never gets done.


I'll bump it up on the personal mission list. It needs to get done.


Thanks for reminding me,



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Ok, I got my brother to take some slightly improved pictures. I couldn't convince him to take them outside in the sun, unfortunately.
















I assure you that the handle doesn't look AS bad as it does in that last one, but I may still even it out at that flat spot near the guard. It was bothering me anyway.



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Hi Ethan the newer photo's are alot better, but I have to ask if it's finished or not? from the pics it looks really rough finished and I know thats what some people go for, but I think if you get all the scratchs outta the handle and gaurd... even to a 220 it would really take it to the next level! bext of luck



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Mike, I did end up going back and sanding up the handle a good deal. The guard, however, I left rough to match the other piece. I'm really glad I touched it up, as it just seems better now.


I'm glad when I get to notice my own improvement,



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