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Master Patrick Barta

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Good lord!


That man has god-like powers. What amazes me is not only how he can produce individual pieces like this, but how MANY pieces in so many different styles and historical periods.


Browsing his website just blows your mind. The guy must never sleep.



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we were discussing this sword today and i must say thats even more amazing when you know his point of wiew. he is truly amazing.

The sword was made for National museum of Slovakia in Bratislava. The sword was found in Turcianske Blatnice in Slovakia but ist most probably of Norse origin. Original is in museum in Budapest (history...)


Brass parts are inlayed 1,5 mm deep and deeply engraved.

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It's very nice to see the wonderful work of Patrick Barta!

And I'm very proud to own your magnificent "Merowingian Saex" you made for me, with a blade forged by Patrick.


One more time: "Congratulations and thanks, Sirs"!

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I somehow missed this this morning (catastrophic hard drive crash at work)...


Allow me to quote Dave and Doug! :ph34r::blink::ph34r::blink::ph34r::blink:



Barta is indeed among the gods...


Thanks for the pictures, Petr. B)

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I would second that wish.

I look at his work and think I could do that....... about maybe the pattern welding.........the rest of his work shows a holistic fullness that you can really only achieve with his level of productivity and skill..... virtuosity for sure

In five or ten years time there will be a few more people who will be getting there ..... But ......Patric Barta will be 5 or ten years further along his own path by then .

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guys its work in progress! :-)


He is near the top of my hate list of folk who are more skilled than I am...

Darly Meier

Don Fogg

Vince Evans

Hank Knickmeyer

Patrick Barta

Howard Clark

Jeff Pringle

Jake Powning

Kevin Cashen

Mick Maxen

Owen Bush


....its a long list..I try not to think about it....



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Petr, thanks for posting those lovely pics of Patricks work ( and also thanks for that info you sent to Dave Huggins )


One day I may be skilled enough to sweep up Mr Barta's workshop!


After seeing these pics I had to be alone, with Kleenex!


Does the man ever dissapoint?





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