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Dave Stephens

New Board Category: Hall of Fame

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[Although I sent this out as a system-wide announcement, it occured to me that some folks just click the "View New Content" button in the upper right rather than browse to a forum; in which case they'd never see the announcement. So, here it is in a new topic.]




You may have noticed a new category has been added entitled "Hall of Fame."


The board has been around for several years now and if you start browsing from the beginning of forums like "Show and Tell," you start to get a feeling for the HUGE amount of amazing work that has been exhibited on this board since Don created it.


The problem, of course, is that the really really good stuff sometimes gets lost in the hundreds of threads that get posted every week. Yes, we have a "pinned" topics category, but these are decided upon by admins, not the members at large.


The idea behind the Hall of Fame is to get the membership as a whole to browse through the threads--even the ones from way back in the day--and nominate those that were just mind blowingly awesome. When a topic is voted into the hall of fame, an admin will move it from its historic resting place and place it in the new Hall of Fame forum.<br />


Doing so is simple. If you want to nominate a thread for inclusion in the hall of fame, start a new topic in the "Nominations" thread in the Hall of Fame category. In the topic type: "I nominate [link]" and place a link to the thread you want to nominate. [PM me if you're unsure how to do this.]


Members then reply to that topic to vote for it. Fifteen votes gets it included in the hall of fame.


At the moment there are two Hall of Fame categories: "Show and Tell" & "WIP/Tutorial," the former for really excellent finished pieces and the latter for great instructional content.


In order to encourage folks to really dig through the huge number of old topics and unearth the best of the board, I am giving away this damascus hunter with mokume bolsters to the member who nominates the highest number of threads that get voted into the hall by 12/1/11.


Happy hunting everyone!




[EDITED TO ADD: Please note that due to an crash of the database on the old hosting site many images and/or initial postings were lost. Photos older than March of 2005 were toast. So, begin your search no earlier than that date.]

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