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hall of fame?

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myself, i'm rather indifferent

( i typically hit these old threads using the search function )


i guess its sort of like a "revival" of the old ... in that way i can see some utility, as long as focus of forum still encourages new work



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I'm not a frequent poster, but I refer to this forum a often. It's a great site, rich in content from it's members and low on drama. The admins do a great job of keeping it that way.


I agree that there is a wealth of valuable information and beautiful work buried in old posts. This is a problem not only on this site, but on the web in general. There is just so much information, it has become hard to organize and remember it all, and then difficult to access it when you need it. When I come across information I find useful, I book mark the site. Lately though, I've found that some old bookmarked links no longer work, so I've been saving pages as pdf files. Some of those I print out and keep in a notebook on my workbench. I've even been saving some videos on my hard drive, too, and plan to burn them on CD's. Now I just need to better organize my bookmarks and saved files.


If there's a good way to index some of the better older posts (or all posts for that matter), I'm for it. But I don't think "hall of fame" is a good choice of title (for the reasons others have already stated). My own idea of what is great, beautiful, or useful, changes as I change and the fresh work of new bladesmiths is often as interesting or inspiring (to me) as the work of those who are older or more experienced. Maybe pinned posts could be replaced when a newer post provides similar information in a more thorough, more complete, better documented or more thoughtful way.


Right now, without any changes to the site, if someone comes across an old post they really like, all they have to do is post a comment and the thread becomes current, calling new attention to itself.


I have also found that doing a google search of the forum is sometimes more useful than the forum search tool. I type this into the google search box:




along with the key words you are searching for. Fore example to search for WIP's:


site:forums.dfoggknives.com/index wip




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I can see where this could become an " elitist " , or " small circle of friends " thing , and that would bother me badly . But I think we can count on the mods not to let it go that way . This is the only website I know of where dissenting apinions can happen , but no arguments . That has to be a tough balancing act !

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I enjoy the Fiery Beards threads , as i do many others here on this site , the Hall of Fame os just a term to me as I see it . I like seeing the newbie's work as they are the future of knife making and many other things in this world of chaos. even though i am old school and like to do things my way i have ventured out into using new products that make things easier for me . Hall of fame is a cool way to recognize some folks that build very cool knives yet I look at the same way i do a fiery Beard status ... yes my beard has been on fire form making Knives but it does not hurt my feelings that i do not make the type of knife that gets me the symbol of the status . I take it as a grain of sand and work from inspiration that others post yet make it my own knife and design .


that is what makes everyone different and their knives as well .


.01 %



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I'll keep this short:

I'm with owen, Jim and Howard here on this topic - I find voting for stuff not in the best interest of the board...

some sort of a pinned archive - maybe why not.... but hall of fame: there's simply too much "ego-gone-wrong-potential" in the mix of voting and stuff...

I have never been to keen on social-networking features of the interenet expect "normal" Forums...

Don't see a need for all that +like, rating,etc... stuff

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