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Relic Wasp WIP

Serge Panchenko

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Thanks everyone!


did you etch the blade in ferric? It is odd that the pattern was so much more vivid after heat treatment than it is now. Its up to you, you may not want the pattern to jump out and distract from the overall knife. It is a heck of a package.


Kevin, yep in ferric. I really dislike very contrasty blades. Lol, I took "Knives 2012" book to work, my cooworker was flipping through it and after he told me that all that damascus makes his head hurt lol :) I just don't like when the patterns are so vivid that you cant even see the rest of the knife.


I realy enjoy this ...would You show us photo in hand ?


Petr, I'll try to get a pic of it.



Hi Serge,

I love very much our design.

Just one question:

Is it possible that the tip is not hardened enough?

If I look to the blade I could see two tempering lines. One close to the handle. This is o.k.

But the other one is close to the tip, which means that the tip was below hardening temperature before you reached the quenching bath.






Hi Manfred, the temper line is at the ricasso, the half circle you see at the tip is the patter in the blade. Some parts of the pattern are a little more visible than others.

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Serge, cool. I understand your opinion about patterns and contrast. Most of what i do now is trying to get a subtle grain structure in combination with heating/dif hardening effects. I am making a high contrast dao now, and this will be the first thing in almost a year that I have done with a vivid contrast.


I like the subtle approach, too.


very nice.


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Is there any chance you could explain the process in texturing the handle. Witch bit and how you make contact with the blade with it I have tried to duplicate it and have had no luck. By the way your knives rock I use your sit for inspiration all the time. I love seeing such artistry!!! Thanks


Kip Kaiser

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Awesome work, Serge!


I think the pattern being bolder would enhance the overall "relic" feel for the piece, but that's just aesthetic preference.


Great job.




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wow, thanks for brining us on that trip. think i need a cigarette and a glass of water LOL!!! damn nice.

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I'm trying to come up with a complement, but I'm completely speachless. I don't know what to say beyond "Awesome!".


I'd just have to second that. Awesome! :blink:


And thanks for a great WIP thread too. :D

Marius A. Bacher


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Awesome work as always! I do think however if the damascus was more boldly etched it would feel a little more complete, you've got tons of dark in the handle and the blade being so shiny they don't fit as well as I think having the blade being etched deeper would give you. Like I said though, this blade is awesome!

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