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Castillon Inspiration

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Hello to everybody,


here are some pictures of my last work.


This sword was inspired by the swords from the Castillon Group.


Enjoy....if you like.




Gesamt 1.jpg

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that looks great!

what is it made of?


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Thank you all for your nice reply.


Some general informations.

Some time ago i get the chance to get a blunt Albion Squire Line Sword (the bastardsword) for a very good price.

The sword was not in a good condition and at first i didnt know what to do with the sword.


So i remove the cross and the pommel and use the bare blade a the basic for this sword.

I think everyone know what kind of steel and what are the quality of the heat treatment

by Albion is.


I was satisfied with the work from Albion in that points.


The other steel parts are made from simpel mild steel. Nothing special.....easy to work with.


Length over all : 87 cm

Blade : 68 cm

Weigth : 1296 gr.

Point of Balance : 6cm befor the cross.


I was interested in the short and strong swords from the 15 Cen.

There are some of this sword type with a strong blade made for piercing.

But they also have a good sharp edge for cutting.


The blunt blade was a littel to long . So i cut it down and reshape the blade new.

Grinding was done with wetstones to bring out a sharp ridge on the blade.


The design of the cross was taken from an orginal.

It was really a time-consuming work for me to bring the shape and the dimension of the cross

to match with the blade. To make it a little easyer for me i cut out some crosses of paper.

In the picture you see a other pommel....later i change my mind and make a other one.


Peter show here a the "hot" way of making a cross like this some time ago.


I do it in the "cold" way.

Work out the cross for the tang by drilling and filing.

Then i make also a stamp in the shape of the blade for work out the shape of the pocket in the cross.

But i harden the stamp.

I sign the outlines on the cross and cut it nearly out with small chisels.

The final shape of pocket was done with a big Hammer and the hard stamp.


The rest was done with filing and grinding just by hand.


The peen block on the pommel was also in a pocket.

This was also done with small chisels.

DSC01665 (1).jpg

DSC01647 (1).JPG

DSC01649 (2).jpg

DSC01653 (1).jpg


DSC01731 (1).JPG

DSC01736 (1).JPG

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