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I've been working on a lot of little projects in between the Ancient Weapons work and Buddhist ken (a short, double edged sword) in preparation for the Wisconsin Fall Knife Show.


The first isn't actually for the show... it was a commission. I've been doing a lot of these skinners lately but I wanted to show this one because of my first attempt at a frame handle. I really enjoyed this and will be doing a lot more.








The second is a forged utility knife with blade inspired by Persian fighters made from a Nicholson file. The finger grooves are forged in and are very comfortable. Comes with a horizontal sheath.








The third was a blast to make... a fire starter kit in a belt pouch/wallet. Comes with a dashi style blade for cutting kindling, a striker forged from Nicholson file (throws a shower of sparks), flint and tinder.






The fourth... a small hunter from 1/8" 1084, wrought iron guard and curly hickory handle...






Last and least... another kiridashi...



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On the fourth knife, what is the pin in the guard for? Is it grooved on the backside to make a mechanical bond with the epoxy in the handle, or done for some other purpose? Just curious; I've not seen that done before. Good looking work, as usual.


On a side note, I've always found that the thin, inner bark layer from a Cedar tree, rubbed between the hands to make it fuzz up, then allowed to dry makes excellent tinder. It will almost take fire without a piece of char-cloth, and with a hot enough spark, it might actually do so. What do you use for tinder? That kind of looks like buffalo grass in the picture.


I keep a small kit of char-cloth and cedar fuzz in an altoids tin in the glove box of my truck. Probably won't ever need it, but you never know...

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Good Morning Scott,

Nice looking batch of users. Unlike Petr I really like file knives when heat treated properly. I have a customer that loves his skinner/file he uses for skinng gators and he swears by it.

Great work. Wade

Edited by Wade Hougham
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Thanks folks..


Yeah I got kind of burned out file knives.. but working with Serge fired me up for them again. Besides.. I was making the striker from one, so I had to do something with the rest! Nicholson files are usually 1095ish... so it is often good steel.

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cool stuff. was the pin in the guard a nail?

I like file knives for users and gifts and such. I love to make blades from files because you can forge one in about 15 minutes or less. Then grind just a little and heat treat to get a hamon. simple, good recycling, nice hamon... so naturally, I liked the Persian influence the most. The frame was really good, too. that is some really gnarly wrought you got there, also.



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Yeah Kevin.. I nailed my guard down! I do this to hold the guard in place while everything gets shaped and then disassemble for etching. Normally the pins are underneath the guard.. but I was playing around this time. Next time maybe I will carve them? Make them look less like nails? You weren't supposed to notice. I thought I hid them. :-)

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I really like that Persian style knife. The fire starter kit is really cool as well.



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