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Photos from Ashokan

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Missing this was the worst mistake ive made this year so far.


Yes. Yes it was. ;)


I just got home about three hours ago, it's a LONG drive from Tennessee. My head is still spinning from all the general grooviness that went on. B)

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'S O.K., Jim, I fell asleep on the porch during display time because I was so tired from drinking too much coffee the night before! :wacko:

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yes coffee that's right single malt coffee ....


Next year I'm again, like the previous year, bringing a fine selection of ... single malt coffee... =)


Rather than start a new thread with photos, here are some of my better ones. I'll be getting the whole 250ish up on my website in the next week or so. (well actually they're all there, just not linked anywhere)


here are some photos from me


Sam "The Man"



Alan Longmire dual wielding a seax and a James Austin axe



The mad dwarf David DelaGardelle



Sam and Alysia admiring a Japanese forging hammer that Dan Maragni brought



A 13th century sword hilt and lower blade, with the hilt still in good condition


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The obligatory BACON photo



Stacy showing how flexible his genuine antique Scottish small-sword blade is



Kevin Cashen showing Tim Zowada the mini portable tensile strength tester that he just bought tailgating. He was like a kid in a candy store!



Kevin Cashen holding up the bloomery steel blade after it was quenched and flash tempered, while the oil was heated up hotter for a longer 400 degree temper



The cries of eins zwei drei echoed out until the wee hours of the morning as these three worked on a billet


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