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Enchanting Blades

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Step one: Craft your blades as you like.

Step two: Whoah, bang, you got an enchanted piece of art(craft).

It is that easy, and you are already doing it!(even not realizing it)


How that happens and what it means, you can understand by knowing the principle of vibration.(Too long for explaining it here, but reading a few books on the subject, will do the trick)


So here is my advice on how to improve your blade "powers":


Intention/attention method with High energy/low tension mindset


Clear your mind and concentrate your thoughts on the properties of the blade which you like it to possess. Stay concentrated on that while working. Pay extra attention to details. For better flow of your enchanting powers, stay physically and mentally energized along the process.(any type of soft diet and meditating method will work for better flow) Try improvise with everything, according to your knowledge and wishes. And "if the work is consistent and dedicated, great achievements are done", like gong fu master would say...

(some questions here I left untouched, which you can ask along)


This method should works for improving everything, in any aspect of life.


For those who are not familiar with the principle of vibration, I will give you a hint...

Baking a loaf of bread is no lesser magick, than calling a thunderstorm from the void. The essence of creating both is ONE, but the pathways are different. Just the second path is not so easy understandable by the ways of current human mindset. Its most popular name is "The arcane"(which by itself means known by few, secret, unknown)


One more thing - Although I'm convinced in the theoretical truth of the above, I understand my lack of knowledge of the subject, so please take this just as a crazy idea, which I wanted to share, and take nothing for granted. All I wrote is subjective, so it is no perfectly truth, since it is all based on my point of view... which is backed up with really little arcane knowledge.


...But still could not resisted to share, and ask for your opinions.

It's crazy world, anyway!

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I will admit that I have held a couple old Samurai swords that had a discernible "power" to them.

Not sure why, but it was there. When three or four people pick up the same sword, and go WOW!, and know that is something they felt in the sword. It becomes fact to me.


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It's a natural effect of total mindfulness during every stage of the making of any object. You always know when you pick up a blade that has soul. A mindful maker cannot help but add a little of himself to everything he makes. Add enough and the object attains a sort of sentience of its own. Not to the extent that it can act on its own of course, but enough that you can feel it.


Magic? Maybe. B)

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When I am in the midst of creating a piece and have the right music playing, and the right vibration in my head I am almost separated from the creation process and I am looking down on myself working, judging and critiquing every grinder pass, every hammer stroke, and every action I make. Then I almost feel the feedback, channel down into my physical body and if corrections are needed they take place. When I worry, fret, or get too involved in the details the work crumbles. For me the best work happens when I am completely disconnected from the process and my higher voice doesn't find room to rat out my "mistakes" since after all, the greatest challenge is to bring into the physical something spiritual which doesn't appear to have been made by the clumsy hands of a human.

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thats why i always quench my blades in my blood..... is he kidding? ill leave that for all of you to decide.


Hey Kyle,


Not to single you out here my friend-actually its kind of funny.


But that is the exact opposite of the intent Niaro To is trying to express and the mindfulness/Magic Alan is talking about as well as the state of mind, body and spirit that Micheal is talking about.


It is a difficult subject to express in words-in fact there are really no words to describe it. Michael does a good job of it though.


Plus, no one wants to seem like a crackpot so to share this type experience takes a certain level of trust in the audience.


But I bet if you asked 100 makers why they do it and got a truthful answer this would be the #1 reason they do it. The Japanese call it Mind of no Mind. I call it the Dragonsong. It is a goal for any endeavor. Playing Music or Basketball-Mind of No Mind could also be the same as playing in the zone. It comes from constant, mindful practice.


I once looked through a collection of very nice swords, they were all stupendous. But one of them when I pulled it from the saya a very pleasant electrical current went down my arm, the right side of my body all the way to my foot putting a huge smile my face. The owner had been watching me waiting to see what happened when I drew that sword. He laughed a little and said "happens every time."



So, read Niaro's, Alan and Michael's comments again and also the ones I hope follow. It is rare gift bladesmiths rarely talk about.


Don said it very well- a tool shapes on both ends-the work and ourselves.

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For me the best work happens when I am completely disconnected from the process


That's what I'm talking about, and Dan said it better: It is the mind of no mind. I don't always get there, but sometimes I can be doing a step of the process and suddenly I'm not present as an independent entity anymore. If I'm lucky I can sit back and watch from the outside, but sometimes I'll snap back into myself an hour or two later with no real idea how I did something that's right in front of me. :huh:


When I do get to watch from the outside, it's almost like something else is controlling my movements. The first time it happened I was building a flintlock rifle, shaping the stock from a large walnut plank. One minute I was hearing my internal monologue about what to do next, how close to take the wood to the steel, where to carve, etc.; then suddenly everything went quiet and somehow I just knew exactly what to do to arrive at the end goal with no further input needed, I didn't even need to think about guiding the tools. My hands did the work while I watched, with no apparent input from my head.


This may not be what Niaro To meant, but as far as I'm concerned it's magic. B)

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Great post. I would have to say that the "Zone", "No-Mind" state, or whatever, IS actually one of the things I enjoy most about working in craft (a cool finished product is nice, too ;)). I also play music, a lot of it improvised, and would liken it to a really good jam session, where everyone is listening and responding intuitively. The projects where I can really achieve this state are usually completed faster and done better than I can normally, consciously do. Wish I could just turn it on, though...sometimes it's a real struggle to get there, while other times I fall into it immediately. Magic? I dunno...but a good feeling.


As with music, practice and repetition help a lot...sometimes new ideas pop out of the repetitive practice, which I tend to follow. I do get distracted easily.


On "power objects": I'm a big antiques nerd, and have spent many happy hours observing and handling old craft objects. Some handmade things definitely have an unexplainable, very "lively" feel when picked up. I've handled objects that literally made me shudder, while others made me smile. One of the coolest things I got to handle was a set of violinmakers tools made by an obviously extremely skilled luthier/toolmaker...the "vibe" was one of calm focus, deep knowledge, and love for the work. I wanted them bad...the dealer wanted $500 for the set, which I had to agree was fair :(.

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It is all the same Alan, the feel of difference comes from the fact, that we use for communication words - a bit obscure path to be walked in the magick forest, like Danocon pointed already.


I will try to make the connection anyway, just for a sample, or maybe because I wish to spend some more time, sitting next to that nice Lime tree, typing, or doing whatever.



1st.Looking the things from outside is a common sign for better than common connectivity with the self/god/higher power/the one/source/blah, blah... more useless words :lol: which is the key of magick, enchanting, and any mumbo-jumbo crazy notions.

2nd.On the story with the flintlock: OK, you are carving... Carving a rifle stock requires concentration and attention to details. Add a probable nice mood for work(low tension state), plus your inner monologue(intention), and we are getting very near to the words used by me trying to explain the inexplicable :ph34r:

...Which I'm trying to do right now once more :ph34r: :ph34r:



So, walking on the obscure path of words, in the magick forest, we've found... trees. (insert more ninjas here)

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...Just to add - The Taoism goes very near, with clean words, explaining the principle discussed.

I've just again moved along(while, browsing my mind ...and the internet) a nice quote, from the doctrine of Yiquan martial art school, which sates:


Principle of Nature: All truth and action occur in Shunjian, the split second of now. Everything before and after this moment is 'Wu', the Void, and thus, uncontrollable or unknowable. All objective and preconception is fixed and not in accordance with this undetermined state of Nature. "The Dao that is called the Dao is not the eternal Dao".


It's a bit of a riddle, but explains it all ;)

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