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USA / OREGON - Tim Lively

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My focus is to create unique knives of optimum performance in an old world style. Each knife is handmade one at a time without the use of electricity. I am heavily influenced by 19th century American Bowie Knife Makers and the Arts and Crafts Movement. If you live within the Eugene/Springfield area, I am willing to come to your shop or home and help you put together a charcoal burning forge and work space like I use at a very reasonable rate. Please check out my new website, http://www.timlivelyknives.com to get a better idea of how I work. My way of working is considered primitive by most but it is a great way to get started without a large budget. I also have a popular video on the market titled, Knifemaking Unplugged, which shows my techniques in depth. I am offering these services as inexpensive as I am able as a way to help people get started.


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