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Donation Bowie


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Here is my latest. This was made to donate to my BN Officer Association to raffle off to raise money. I'm having it mounted in a display box and will have some photos of the finished display in a few weeks. I'm going to make a user knife to go with it so who ever wins will have something to display and something to use.


This one is O1, brass and bocote (I think) It may be tigerwood. I went on a buying spree of handles materials a while back and did not label them all when I recieved them.


The next one in the works is for the NCO's Association. Hopefully I'll have it done by Thanksgiving.







God bless you. I thank God every day for the freedom to spend time with those I love, and time to pursue this craft.


"Adversity is a test for strong men."

"What one man can do, so can another."

"NO excuses, just do better next time."

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