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Gold/zilver inlay and onlay

Gotscha Lagidse

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I received some questions about the languages spoken during the workshop.

Aleko speaks Georgian, Gotscha speaks Georgian and Dutch.

I will be around to translate in English, French or German where necessary.

Besides that the workshop will be more practical than theoretical

Since we organize the workshop for a maximum of twelve participants per day there will be an intensive individual assistance where demanded.


During the two days international workshop making Wootz with Zaqro Nonikashvili we did not experience any difficulties with languages.


Seerp Visser

(i assist Gotscha in organizing the workshop)

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I would like to say thank you to Gotscha , Aleko and Seerp.

this was a very informative and well taught class (in 3 languages) I was impressed by the work of Aleko and seeing a suit Of Gotscha's armour was quite a treat (amazing wonderful and a few expletives added I will never be able to do that).


I come home with a few new tricks under my hat . I have little tools to make and will have to stumble through a few more beginners pieces before I come out with a bastardised "Owen as a viking" version of on-lay techniques .


I must say a few of my "how would you do that" questions were answered and I have discovered a whole world of embellishment with its own questions !!


thanks for a great class skilfully taught and well put together.


All the best owen

forging soul in to steel



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