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Zeeb Knives Big Fall Sale!

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Hey everyone. I need to make room for new inventory so I'm offering 4 knives at ridiculously low prices!! The first is a very small little blade with a side draw sheath set up to be worn on a belt horizontally. I'm asking $35.00 for it. SOLD


The second was already offered on here, but I've lowered the price significantly so I wanted to repost it here and give everyone the chance to have a go at it. It's a hunting knife with an etched blade and amboyna burl for the handle. I've lowered the price to $140.00 SOLD.


The third is also a hunting knife with hamon and dyed maple burl for the handles. Asking price is $90.00. SOLD


The last is a bowie/fighter with dyed maple burl handles as well. Asking price is $120.00.SOLD


If you're interested or have questions please feel free to email me at knifemakerzeeb@yahoo.com


Also, I have a bit more info on each of these posted over on my website: www.zeebknives.com


Paypal is my preferred form of payment.


Thanks for looking!










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