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help me hammer out a name for a pup!

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Hey y'all I come for your council, My dog needs a name preferably having to do with metal work in some way.. and I'm drawing a blank. She's a German Shepard, and biggest of the litter.. smart and pretty lazy so far, if that has any influence on your ideas.


totally open to suggestions, and I very well may offer up a chunk of walnut for the effort if I choose your name. :)


could be a cool name of a knife, material.. style, process.. whatever, obscure is cool too.


thanks guys!

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If it were me, i'd do the opposite and try not to think to hard about it... maybe get sumkinda writers block... just spend some time with the pup, and before you know it...there will be " that name " .... come out of now where, and you'll know its right




shep's are sweet dogs, forsure

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Cúchulainn or perhaps just (hound)

Chad - that little bit of metal you remove when hot punching a hole

Goibhnu - Irish and Celtic (Irish & Welsh) god of blacksmiths, weapon-makers, brewing

Pyrrhus m. "Fire; Flame-colored". A dog mentioned by Pliny the Elder in his Natural History to illustrate the faithfulness of dogs. ...the dog of the tyrant Gelon...

Hephaestus - Greek god of fire and the forge

Sirius - The Dog Star

Poemenis. f. "Shepherd". One of Actaeon's hounds in Ovid's Metamorphoses. ...the trusty shepherd...


My wife's suggestions:

KENINA: meaning both "comely; finely made" and "born of fire."

EINION (eye NEE on): Welsh name probably derived from the word einion, meaning "anvil."

SU: Basque name meaning "fire."

TITAIA: According to Diodorus, the mother of the Titans, meaning "fire; to burn."


ADENA, ADENAH, ADENE, EDANA: Feminine form of English Aden, meaning "fire."


CALIDA: English name derived from the Spanish word calida, meaning "hot."

CELOSIA: English name derived from the flower name (sometimes called cockcombs or woolflowers), from Greek kelos, meaning "burned."


Our dogs are named: Cassiel (meaning, to serve), he died this year, and Kushiel (meaning giver of pain and punishment) who would eat/chew everything up and cause us endless frustration by escaping.




P.S. Can you tell I really like WALNUT!

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Some good ones have been offered, but I like to wait until it comes to you after simmering in some corner of your mind...my dog is Bearly. Half shepherd that could climb a 6' chain link fence, and quarter each Newfoundland and Boxer


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Or, you could call her "Lyfe"......

Coz Lyfe's a ..Female Dog!

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