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how to convex grind?

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it seemed simple enough until i realy got into my grinder work on another knife and by the end i wanted tear it apart wheel by wheel just trying to get a flat grind :angry::wacko: . can someone explain how they convex grind blades? or is there a video or another topic somewhere? something simple im missing?

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First things first. Use your belts as though they were free. A dull belt wastes your time, needlessly, and gives poor results. A sharp belt will give much cleaner lines to your blade and will pay for the expense of the belt by saving you time.


The easiest way to get a flat grind is somewhat counter-intuitive. First hollow grind the blade but, leave extra thickness, then move to the flat platten and grind until flat. Abrasive belts, when they bend around the contact wheel, "open" the grit up, this and the smaller surface area in contact with the belt make the grinding go faster. When you switch over to the flat platen, there is less surface in contact with the belt because, you previously hollow ground, at least until you are getting close to flat.


From there to get a convex grind you would switch to an unsupported section of the grinding belt and, lightly, grind. The belt will bend under the pressure you exert and this (along with how tight or loose the belt is on the grinder to begin with) will cause it to grind more on the edge and the spine and create your convex grind. A lot of the time, this is done only at the cutting edge of the knife and as a part of the sharpening process. The rotary platen attachment for the KMG helps to make getting consistent results a little bit easier.



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