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I made this seax for a friend of mine who requested a Viking-type knife. I am no expert or even a novice when it comes to Norse blades so please forgive any style errors or glaring historical faux pas(sp?). The blade is forged leaf spring from an old manure spreader(pee-eew) so I heat treated the steel as I would 5160. The handle is part moose antler and a scrap of Bastogne walnut from a rifle re-stocking project(no rifle stocks were destroyed in the making of this knife :D). Wrought iron was used for the guard and butt cap(Hat tip to Scott Roush and Mike Blue for help in finding the iron). OAL is 22" with a 15" blade and a 7" handle. Sheath is veg-tanned leather with some copper and iron fittings. I work with copper at my day job so it was fun using it in something away from work and a few centuries removed from now. Hope you enjoy it. -Troy



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A very nice combination of forms. The handle and guard are not historically correct but they really work with that blade, so who cares. The tip is more like continental that the British broken back seax. Also, not all seaxes had edges that were straight from the handle to the tip. Some even had straight spines and drop or spear points even existed as well as some slightly concave edges.



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