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Bloom Steel Anglo- Scandinavian Knife

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Here is an Anglo-Saxon/Scandinavian Belt and knife. The blade is bloom steel folded coarse. Handle is bronze ,blackened oak, and antler crown. This was a very quickly made Christmas present. I think it has a nice home spun feel to it. I took liberties drawing from both Anglo-Saxon and Viking cultures. The sheath and belt are tooled with staffordshire hoard images and the handle is carved with the same griping dog motif.









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Absolutely Gorgeous Jeff.

Seeing this is an absolute inspiration/motivation/kick-in-the-ass to push forward in my leather working skills.

I plan on drastically switching it up in some future work and doing some intricate leather work. Needed this beautiful example as a reminder to get at it... :)

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Great work.


How'd you clean/prep the antler to get rid of the color in all the nooks and crannies? Bleach? Soap and water? It's a very clean, uniform color!


Thank you for the kind words folks!


Vaughn- The antler is ground almost to the crown and I cleaned the crown with 0000 steel wool. It is not as clean a in the pics which are kind of crappy I didnt spend any time sorting out light quality for them.

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