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Steampunk Flash/Thumb Drive


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I've been working on a steampunk-styled flash drive (or thumb drive, USB drive) for my daughter's Christmas present, and since Christmas is over, I can show it to you...BTW, it was a huge hit with her!


It's a "steampunk" (Victorian-styled with lots of brass stuff) thumb drive for use at school. This one is an old timey telegraph key. She has to take computer projects back and forth from school to home and vice-versa, and likes steampunk type stuff, so here you go!




The whole thing is less than 3 inches long, and is fabricated from copper, brass, fossil ivory, ziricote wood, and a commercial 8 gigabyte USB drive.


I've started a blog about my metalworking, and you can see extensive details about the flash drive construction here: http://sterlingsculp...s.com/wp/?p=127


Thanks for looking!

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Very cool!


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As Alan said-that is just too cool.


Flash drives are so mundane-This would never have even been on my radar.


I like surprises. (This kind that is.)


Thanks for showing this to us.

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Awesome! Love it.




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Very cool! Now I'm getting all sorts of ideas ;) No surprise it was a huge hit.



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Definitely awesome! I love the steampunk style and dream of one day owning one of those custom computers.... or at least be "artistic" enough, and skilled enough, to create something so incredibly priceless. Your daughter must be very proud of you and your craftsmanship.


My link

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Thanks, guys, I appreciate the kind words. I really had a lot of fun with this - and it was really hard keeping it hidden from my daughter while making it. I usually sit around at night in front of the boob tube with my latest in-work items and inspect them and formulate the attack plan (OK, play with them...wacko.gif) so it was particularly difficult with this. And I like to share with all of you on this forum while I'm making stuff, so waiting 'til after Christmas was really hard too.

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