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RJ Martin-style kwaiken

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It's no secret that my pal RJ is one of my knifemaking heroes, and I hope he sees this homage as just that, rather than a shameless cobbing of his excellent kwaiken. I've done a few things differently for mine, although the basic theme is the same. This one used 1084, with a much less pronounced chisel tip from RJ's design. It is entirely chisel ground, though, with that wonderful scallop along the spine that adds so much motion. I've fully tapered the tang to reduce as much unnecessary mass and weight as possible, and increased the length of the handle a pinch (although I think the usual 4.5" or so is usually enough, my own hand is just wide enough to make it feel as though I'm kind of choking up on it, so this one is just shy of 4.75"). The reduction in weight from the tapered tang is incredible! I think it will be a staple of my own kwaiken designs, three more of which I hope to have done soon.


Thanks for looking, and all comments welcome!





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