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...still another kwaiken!!!

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This one's awfully different, though. As much as I love the 'traditional' stingray and Japanese style wrap, I crave the warmth and beauty of fine wood.


I almost abandoned this blade, as the spine detail I had played with didn't seem right to me. It sat on my bench for months, until I started making the others I showed in a previous thread. For some reason, I grabbed this blade and commenced putting a nearly sharp bevel on the spine (which I've since flattened a bit). Lo and behold, when I continued up the progressively finer grits I noticed a hint or wisp of hamon scattered randomly over the flats. I'd shot for a fully hardened blade, but 1095 usually has other ideas when it comes to this. This time it really worked out, as it adds a really different detail, I think.


The tang is fully tapered, and yet again just a pinch longer than most like this knife to help with wider hands, however it feels completely different due to the ovoid-shaped Amboyna scales under the Japanese style wrap. Fills the hand very nicely, without adding so much mass that it feels slow or heavy. Plus, it's gorgeous to look at (well, I think so, as does at least one other gent I know!).


Pardon the horrible shots of the hamon - no matter how I try, I just can't capture that elusive trick of the light properly with my camera.


Thanks for looking, and all comments welcome.









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I really like the wood with the wrap. Great activity in the hamon. -Justin

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