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wawindaji kisu


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I humbly present my contribution to the kith. wawindaji kisu (Swahili for hunters knife) It is forged out of a coil spring, With a leather wrap handle, The underlayment for the handle is elephant remnant with a rawhide piece between the handle and blade. blade is 8" and OA is about 13"





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Luke, that there is one heck of a knife. I'm looking forward to the drawing as well :D

Troy Allen Christianson is NOT a "Licensed Bladesmith" so you may treat his posts with the contempt they deserve.

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got the knife today the pics don't do it justice it just sits so well in hand makes me wanna run out into the woods and take on a bear or something :ph34r:

The smith also sitteth by the anvil,

And fighteth with the heat of the furnace,

And noise of the hammer and the anvil is ever in his ears,

And his eyes look still upon the pattern of the thing that he maketh,

He setteth his mind to finish his work,

And waitethto polish it perfectly.


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