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Jake Powning

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wow just wow! that is really fine work Jake!

did the cross section give you any problems in heat treating?


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It's always a treat to see your work. They have the sesne of an artifact, full of information within the details. This is the kind of piece that you can study and learn from.

- Stuart


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i thought that Ni steel wasn't as bright as 15n20... but jeez whiz that has great contrast !


Epic sword !


the carving on the case is something else... the hours you must have spent :o


case is Out of this world




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Great piece. It's been fun watching your work over the years. You've been mining the same vein and it just keeps getting deeper and deeper. I look forward to enjoying your work for many more years.

Check out Walter's instructional videos:

Forging Japanese Style Blades

Making Hamons

Japanese Sword Mounting


Making Japanese Sword Fittings

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  • 2 months later...

I missed this one too -


the detail and craftmanship on the scabbard is just incredible.

The blade is incredible, too. Those fullers kill me.

As is the hilt.

And the overall package.


Seems.... all is incredible.


Can´t wait for the next piece, and the next, and the next.... You got me addicted to your work.


Greets to Canada!





Knifemaker, Germany

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