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Testing HDR

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some new pictures... they are coming in really slow :D/>/>/>

I'm not there yet, but at least I'm learning more about tone mapping.




blue stone and silver




light blue stone and steel chain.




last knife I made before heading for Australia. its about 95% ready in the pic.


and with the stone set. sorry for bad lighting conditions, the stone actually should be shining, but i didn't have much time for the photo.




and last picture is of Melbourne City Centre






If you happen to know anybody working on the craft near Melbourne please let me know, I have my camera with me and I can probably teach something new, both about taking pictures and the craft :)/>

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Way cool. I've just started with HDR myself, and it's a neat world of photography and post production I never knew about before you started posting these. Thanks again for the inspiration!



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Today I started testing some HDR cheating.

This one is made form a single raw+ file.

They call it a pseudo-HDR.

Its not as good as the regular kind, but in some situations

you can only take one picture.

I somehow mixed up all the colours, but at the same time was able to capture details otherwise impossible.



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I'm back in Estonia for now so get ready for more pictures!



painting with the crystal structure.
a regular clayless interrupted quench to vegeoil finishing in water.
it started with a nice curvy dha shape, but the tip took a 30mm nosedive so its almost straight now.
blade 60 cm oal 80 cm.



scored a pile of rough diamonds for this raw ring today.

step 2. ???
step 3. profit

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Haha yes :D, do u know my very good friend?
We share the forge, but he is in the US of A at the moment doing his masters degree in blacksmithing.

I myself went for "design and engineering" for the masters, starting from september.

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