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East meets West?

Dave Leppo

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This is a knife I made for my wife some time ago, it’s never finished. The only thing it really needs now is a good honing-sharpening. It’s my first hamon; the steel is JY tool steel from a garage sale held by the grand-kids of a noted blacksmith in my area. I didn’t know what it was till I tested some of it for harden-ability. I have a few pieces left ~1”x3/8” or ¼” thick. I used furnace cement for HT clay.

The black is ebony, the white stripe is holly, and the end caps of the grip are antler, along with the belt thingy. The brass acorn nut (modified) allows the blade to be removed from the grip.

Hope the pics are sized right.




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Really like the handle and sheath. Good first hamon. Nice effort. -Justin

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I can honestly say i've never seen antler used quite like that. VERY cool idea and execution! B)

jared Z.


lilzee on britishblades.


From now on, ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.

-Sir Winston Churchill

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Nice knife ! I like that hamon, but that butt screw not , sorry :lol:

If You leave it deeper and use the antler as butt cap...





I could make a new nut from antler. I can live with it for now, I guess.

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