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a fast & wicked pair of sisters

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Finished these up last weekend. Everyone that's laid hands on them can't believe just how fast and light they are - VERY deceptive in relation to their looks!




One's a bit plain, while the other is obviously pretty racy - easy to see the fact that they're siblings, though. Each blade is just a pinch over 7 inches long, with an overall length of 12.5 inches. Both are 3/16" 1095, have tapered tangs and gorgeous wood and ito, and were heat treated with clay - but with very different coating methods.


The first provided all the flash - best hamon I've ever managed (with one upcoming possible exception) and Amboyna scales:






The next two shots give you a decent view of the sori that both have - such great curves!






This one's got a simple, straight hamon and curly koa scales under her wrap. I think it's understated, but elegant:











Comments welcome. I had a lot of fun making these two, and they really seemed to come together all on their own.


Thanks for looking!

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Matt - you have succeeded in causing me to suspend a usual very strong bias. I normally can't stand anything that tries to be even remotely Asian with a ricasso. BUT, those are quite striking. I like them both, very much. I think the hamons are both nice, though the one is surely flashier.


I may have missed this - but guessing - you quenched in Parks 50, right?


those are really cool. I now have to go rethink my worldview. This could take some time...



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I may have missed this - but guessing - you quenched in Parks 50, right?





Yup! Just can't seem to bring myself to lose a knife to something that doesn't need to be done any more violently than it has to be! Both of these came out of quench perfectly straight, btw. When I did the test pieces for this particular stock of 1095, the quenched results were wonderfully fine grained, with a trace of the usual carbide banding I see in Admiral's steel (the biggest reason that I won't order from them anymore, too). I used a chunk of 1095 in 3/8" stock from Aldo Bruno and my results were vastly superior without having to do any freakish thermal cycling, so it's what I'm planning on re-stocking with.

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I just can't seem to capture the essence of hamon with a still camera - infuriating!!!!


Here's the video I sent to Roger after completing it, you get a slightly better idea of the activity in the hamon:



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Very nice. Fantastic hamon. Love those long ashi. Where do you get your 1095?

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