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how epoxy changes with age

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Hello Everyone,

we all (or most) use epoxy as a sealant and secondarily as a way to hold things together. I have heard that epoxy expands and also contracts with age. Of course, these are huge generalizations because I wasn't given or seeking info about what type of expoxy and where it was aging, etc.


However, to help gain a little understanding, I did some internet researching.


This paper came up, and it provides a fairly good description of the changes in mechanical and chemical properties of epoxy over time. Especially interesting, to me, was the stuff about change in volume, viscosity, elasticity, and strength.


I fear I will screw things up if I try to translate. Here is the link.



Enjoy the reading.


take care,



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Thanks for the interesting read, i'll admit i didn't read all of it but even just picking a few things to read it was pretty informative

Interesting side note, that university is in my home town!

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