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Embracing My Soumi Heiritage

Eric Leonard

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>>"Suomi" is Finnish for "Finland"... the Sammi are an ethnic group in northern Scandanavia, with homelands in Finland, Norway, and I think even Karelia. <<

Well Christopher, good for a start

Suomi is right

and it should be Saami, take a look at: http://www.saamicouncil.net/?deptid=1116

and Puukko


and the Saami people (not all of the Finns are Saami!*grin*) do have places to live in Finland, Sweden and Norway, but not in Karelia, as far as I know, it is way too south - I do not know about Saami living in Russia, though...


as Mr. Cederqvist stated, there are a couple of books and lots of findings from Finland to take a good look at:

Kivikirves ja Hopearisti, Otava, Helsinki, 1961 on Finnish findings from stoneage to medival art ("stoneax and silvercross")

and the over 700 pages in Anssi Ruusuvuori's "Puukon Historia", Apali OY, Tampere, 2009

which is the probably most complex work on the theme of finnish Puukko's you can find,

all in Finnish of course, "www.apali.fi", ISBN: 978-952-5026-93-1


best regards

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Lots of info here, had a bit of a hiatus from forge work due to some issues with the fire dept. and landlord.

Long story short.

Im building a propane tank shell forge powered by propane. Ill get pics up when its finished.

"Pour Bien Desirer"

Alpha Tester for "Chivalry: Medieval Warfare"

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