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I just received this old photo a couple days ago from the fellow that was our platoon sergeant for awhile in Nam. Nothing but kids back then. This photo really makes me smile. The fellow in the middle was our platoon sgt. Hard to believe we are all senior citizens now except for the fellow sitting on my lap. He was the youngest then at 21. The rest of us were at least 23 when this photo was taken. I'm guessing we found a spot with some shade and just took advantage of it.



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As the child of a man scarred forever by that time, I am happy for you that you find a smile in the memory.


Chris, Sorry to hear about your father being damaged from that war as many were. I consider myself VERY fortunate that was not the case with me or the three others in the photo. So much had to do with being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The norm for us was moving to a new AO that the bad guys had just left. We seemed to be a step behind for the most part. Never did hear anyone complain about that.

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Thanks for the pic and your service Raymond. God bless all that have and will protect us!!!



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Good photo.

I was sent this by my SFC...just off the plane stateside from Desert Shield/Storm so 91...I later married that woman on my arm.

I believe I was 20 in this photo..a year after I began smithing.



BethRic returning from Desert Storm with Ed and Sue.png

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