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Jacques Delfosse

Where can we found the KITH list, now ?

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I know where I've to send my knife and from who I will receive one (PM's) but I can't find the complete list....

Does somebody can show it ? (I know Sam crashed his computer :wacko: ).



Thanks to the friends who are participating to the KITH and particulary to Petr who was initiated it!


I'm veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy how it word concluded !!! :D :D :D

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Is this the one? :unsure:




Luke Shearer


Scott Roush

Ryan Stevens


Bret Cutshall


Nate Runals

JJ Simon

Ethan Perry

Kip Kaiser

Don A

Geoff Keyes

Orien M

Petr Florianek

Kyle Odonnel

Dan Scott


M Schneider

Lane Moore

Jake Cleland

Jacques Delfosse

Michael Lanaghan

Luke Sorenson

Kevin Hopkins

Troy Christianson

Dave Stephens

Chris Price

Anthony Crnic

George Ezell

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I think it is !


Many thanks, Luke !


( I didn't found the list anywhere... :wacko: )

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