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Cutler's Resin Recipes

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Do we know what kind of glues the central Asians of the period used for making composite bows?

I've been told it should be fish swimbladder, since it has a longer open time before gelling. But replicas have been successfully made with hide glue.

Whether Asian hornbow or Sami or Norse tvíviður (tvividr if you want to google), and whichever glue, they would be covered with something (skin, birchbark) and rubbed with something.

I don't see how this could be done with hair.


I would like to chime in with Randy Tibbs, have anyone tried birchbark pitch? All my sources say it's far less brittle.

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Animal glues go back far into prehistoric times. There's ancient Egyptian furniture that is still held together with it's original animal glue AFAIK. Here's some info: http://www.bartleycollection.com/the-history-of-glue.html and more: http://tinyurl.com/n8gu35p

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