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Yakut colorful (yet without sheath) and blades ...

Ito Matsumoto

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Did a little bit of Yakut with forged knives and šlifovannym dolami.

Five of them put: Buxus, amaranth, Wenge, mahogany, hilly. Sheath will be a little later.

so for klinkam: Blades of steel with hardened u10 through the water in the butter. Hardness RC 58-59HRC.

On the raised after the etching is active across the entire surface of the blade is segregation. Each blade has the Hamon.











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Great Job Ito, I like very much your work.


But why the right handed knives are bezeled on te left side??? and not like japanese blades are???.


And for what is the groove????




Saludos desde Mexico

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Yakut knife lets you take a thin shaving with the frozen fish. This profile does not allow the knife blade go into fish and stuck in it.


Thanks Ito, make sense to me.

Congrats again


Saludos desde Mexico

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