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Cable Damascus Bolsters - attachment and finishing

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I am hoping to get some opinions on attaching and finishing cable damascus bolsters.


I forged out a cable blade a couple years ago and have finally gotten motivated to finish it. The motivation came from finding the long lost stub from the original welded cable billet. Not enough for another blade, but plenty for bolsters.


Since the pattern pattern matches the blade, I am thinking blind pins and solder for attachment. I figure I will etch after soldering. This is my first attempt at pinned bolsters, so I am trying not to mess it up. I am still trying to decide on scale material, with spalted maple as my current favorite. Thanks in advance. -Doug




edited--Pic added. Sadly, I am going to lose a little over a half inch of the tip due to weld inclusions.

Edited by Doug Seward
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You can run the pines all the way thru just polish the pin stock to match a spot in the bolster, drill holes in that spot and the pins will disappear in the pattern. Keep the pin size small and use epoxy.



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