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March 2012 smelt at bushfire forge.

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well about time too!

Mick Maxen Myself and Eli Sideris had a great smelt yesterday.

I think the best yet . certainly joint best.

we started with a hot furnace .

pre burn wood and acharcoal.

we ran the furnace well keeping the load intervals at 10 minute drops. (or at least the furnace ran well despite us)

we were aiming for iron with a 1.2 to 1 ore to fuel ratio.

there was a lot of slag.

we used 50 kg magnetite ore and 60 kg fuel including pre burn (so we got one to one fuel ore in the end).

the bloom ended up being a big flat concave centred dense bloom 11kg or so there was another 2 or 3 kg of good bits . I think we lost a lot of ore in the slag which was plentiful and dense .

run time was just over 4 hours...

here are some piccies.


150kg of charcoal before sizing



cooking the furnace



Eli modeling the ritual tatas! (got to keep the fire gods happy)



Our furnace is endowed.



Owen loading wood for the pre burn



first slag tap



tapping slag with the family looking on



dragging out the bloom



initial forging with the 28lb sledge (too big for the job realy)



squish that bloom



bloom to the shop



Alldays and Onions 200 weight eats bloom while Mick fire fights



flat bloom



thick dense pancake of a bloom



bloom with a master blacksmith for size reference



our notes jusf for my reference!


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Awesome! Cool to see the kids looking on, not too many kids get an education like that.




I was thinking the same thing. it's like my musician friends...their son grew up with 2 musicians as parents in a house full of musical instruments with a recording studio in the basement...and now as a teenager he's already an excellent jazz musician

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Looks like a great success! B)


Unlike the one Chris and I (well, Chris, I just sat there) tried to do at F&B this weekend... :rolleyes: I now know our problem: The stack had no tatas. :(

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