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So, my Brigade, the 39th IBCT, is known as the Bowie Brigade. Officers and NCOs at the field grade are authorized to wear a Bowie Knife. This knife is not a random bowie of their choosing. They are built to a certain specification, by the contracted maker for the brigade at the direction of the Brigade Commander or Deputy Commander only. The current maker is Kenny Teague. The knife shown here is modeled on this specific knife and I've made it for a retired 1SG, who had he stayed in, would have most definitely rose to the level of CSM and earned the right to carry one of these knives.


I've built some small but purposeful differences into my version so it could not be easily confused with a Teague "authorized" knife. It is not my intent to "knock off" his work but to provide a respected NCO with a well built, custom Bowie as a retirement gift and thank you for his service.


Here it is. Steel is D2, fixtures are brass, handle is paper micarta.

obverse 39 bowie 3.jpgobverse 39 bowie 4.jpg

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I think this is a wonderful idea, indeed it is a nice way to present a meaningful retirement gift. That's one sharp looking bowie (pun intended) ;) The black contrasts very nicely with the brass, and the blade has a solid, no-nonsense shape to it.



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Wow. This is cool. I wasn't aware that the NG or any other service wore knives (not swords) as an official part of dress code.


Really nice job. Great grind lines. Clean and precise. I think the design is a bit too "blocky" and would benefit from softening of the lines, but I assume you needed to conform to the specs of the issued blades.


I read the Wikipedia article about the different handle materials that were authorized for different ranks. What's the protocol for who gets damascus blades and who gets monosteel?





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Thanks for the kind comments. It was a challenge to do a hollow grind; I just don't do it that often. It took a while to get it right enough for my satisfaction; this time. I've already got another one in the works and hope to do better. Wouldn't damascus be great for some very special pieces? But sadly, I think though I haven't verified this, there have not been any damascus versions made. Maybe I'll try some time.


The design is pretty distinctive. I tried to keep the blade as accurate as possible based on pictures available and those I've seen and handled.


The knife, our Brigade, and a bit about it are in the 2005 issue of Blade. The cover is pictured here. I've handled those made by Mr. Teague, they are fantastic and solid built knives.



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