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Nice weather is here!

Mark Green

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Hi Gang,

I added todays smelting pics to the new stack pics.

It went very well. A nice 15 lb nugget of low carb iron. Just what I wanted.




Nice work! I think you are a bit of a pro..... I am jealous, as I am beating on my high carbon very fluffy blooms ( cold) and finding lots of slag.....I may have to build one of those Kera busters the Japanese Tatara smelters used in the old days. If some wet or really foggy, soggy weather comes along I will try for a solid bloom as well.......right now I would not be picky about the carbon content.



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Congrats! Impressive run. I've got to make myself a copper tuyere..... I've been using black iron pipe inserted into a built in clay tuyere thats formed as I build the stack. This always erodes as I do the burn which hasnt been a problem as I destroy the stack each time to extract the bloom. I'd like to build a reusable stack next time. :)

Thanks for sharing your experiences with smelting!


Randy Skidmore

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Copper tuyere is the way to go for sure. I have done 8 burns with this one now, and it still looks strong.

I really helps keep the bloom centered, and keeps your tuyere wall from melting.


There is the best huge scrapyard here in the boro. every now and then they have large, thick bars of copper. I stop by there once a week or so to check on these. They are getting a bit high, with copper selling for 5$ a lb now. But 45$ of bar, is a lot cheaper then buying 200$ of pipe.

It's a bit of work, rolling those suckers up into a tube, but still.

If you want to get on my list, to find a suitable tuyere bar of copper, just PM me.

Chris Price, you are at the top of the list now. next one I find is yours. Let me know if you still want one please.


The Stack did well. My new Lee Sauder style super plinth, made the bloom extraction very easy. I still feel I may have made the walls a bit thin. I had some superficial cracking on the outer walls. All fixed up well.


My test with the brown ore I brought back from the Baltimore hammer-in is next on the list to smelt.

Mark Green


I have a way? Is that better then a plan?

(cptn. Mal)

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Awesome! The face on the new stack reminds me of Gothmog, Lord of the Balrogs. Even has the fire ;)

Hope the brown ore turns out well.



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