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Hey guys,


Heres a commission I just finished up, it's a desk mounted cigar cutter, Black walnut, brass, aldos 1095 Steel. Blades are 2" each, overall height of 15" Really fun project to work on, and a local cigar shop said they'd sell them for me if I made more, so I think there might be more of these in my future. More details on my website at http://tempestcraft.com/blades/drinnan/





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Beautifully done. That's not something you see every day (at least if you are not around cigars all too often...)

The blades make it functional, the outstanding design makes it art! B)



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Awesome Tom! Folks, Tom was a very talented Industrial design student here at the school before switching his major to bladesmithing. As a result he brings a wealth of design know-how to all the projects he attempts; This current one being most exceptional!

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That is one Sick Cigar cutter sent my buddy the link to it . I drooled so much my Cigar went out . LOL


Awesome Job



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