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380SL- a statussymbol

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hi all,


the older guys among us may remember this beauty of the late 1980ies:


Mercedes 380SL https://www.google.de/search?q=380sl&hl=de&client=firefox-a&hs=mtP&rls=org.mozilla:de:official&prmd=imvnsfd&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=tx6HT_H4CIPGtAbw1ujxBg&ved=0CEMQsAQ&biw=1152&bih=678


a status-symbol for the upperclass gentleman and the dream of the suburb-wannabees...

this knife might have been the same some hundred years ago:


W1 forged


bronze-subhilt and -butt

striped gidgee

total: 38 cm

sharp: 22cm

thickness 6,5-2,0mm


thanks for looking!




ps: that strange titel?

380mm long and Slime Line.....;)























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Its hard for me to comment for I am just a mere mortal, but that should fall more in the Rolls Royce category. WOW!!!



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This is easily as good, or better, than any of the master-level work that inspired me when I first got started in this business. You should be proud of your accomplishments, that is one incredible piece of work. I'm honored to even be able to say this to you. Your creative eye, your flawless execution, and your management of all the skills it takes to do this... just incredible.

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hi all,


now it´s on me to say: wow, such a lot of statements!

thank you all for taking time to post, I appreciate it so much!


this forum here is for me the best of all:

most of us are bladesmiths,

everyone shares experience and knowledge, works in his own different style and offers inspirations to the others.

a big thanks to don fogg, he makes it possible!




you are right, a RR would have been more matching,

but I needed a title, typical for both- the car and the knife...



seems that I got some useful genes together with my name...;-)))



yep, this reverse twist is a ´first´ for me, but probably not a ´last´.



d. kraft informed us, that you are not in solingen?!

really bad news!!!



a WIP?

when I`ll have finished my training of knifemaking, then I`ll beginn my training for photographing me at knifemaking... ;-)


best regards


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Holy Toledo! I'm at a loss for how stunning this is! Absolutely amazing design and execution, you really blew this out of the water :blink:

That is one exquisite display of craftsmanship, fine sir. Exquisite indeed.



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