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Here's the certs on the latest batch of O1 I've purchased (Austria = country of melt / Precision Marshall supplier )

C - 0.9400

MN - 1.0300

P - 0.0180

S - 0.0050

V - 0.0900

CR - 0.5900

W - 0.5100

SI - 0.1900

CU - 0.1200

In TTT charts for O1 I see ranges for Ms of about 400F to 450F, but to continue working out bainite & bainite mix it would sure be nice to nail down the Ms / TTT accurately.

I have tried this site


But no matter how I tweaked it the result wasn't even in the ballpark I am used to. (I plugged in 1088K for austenizing - resulting TTT showed 530F for Ms)

I've read that the C content is the main determiner of Ms, true?

If so perhaps a simple table would work for calculating it's effect?


thanks, Del

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What you could do is go to ASM International and register with there library service, which is free. Once registered you can look up data sheets and other short articles in their data base and download them directly to your computer for a small fee, usually around $15-20 dollars. They also store your selections in your personal library that you can access at any time. They may well have a TTT diagram for O1, though I've never had cause to look.



HELP...I'm a twenty year old trapped in the body of an old man!!!

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