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Hi all...

my name is Peter, live in little vilage in Slovakia and knife making is my big hobby (except another)...

Here is my premier work on this nice forum which I find thanks to link on Petr Florianek webpages...

...Rekke - variation on skandi knives, carbon steel, old iron and chestnut wood. Thank you for any coments...



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nice works, I like the form of the blade and the scandy design

you could give some more attention to the "space" between the iron and the beautiful wood of the handle,

for sanding down the fitting side it might be helpfull

if you glue some sanding paper to a straight surface so you can get a good control on best fitting

I have a carpenter to make those pieces 10x20cm on some melamine resin


best regards


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Thank you very much for your words...

Is fascinating for me still, that my knife coments peoples from distant countries and continents even... :)

Jokke, thanks...!


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