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My little silver hoard

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Hey all haven't posted here in a long time thought I'd share a couple of the northern inspired things I've been working on over the last couple months.

new stuff 225 640x480.jpg

new stuff 228 640x480.jpg

new stuff 232 640x480.jpg

new stuff 227 640x480.jpg

new stuff 234 640x480.jpg

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As is typical for me I added these photos in reverse order :rolleyes: . Anyway, the first picture is a bronze rune ring inspired by the saxon rune rings but inscribed with an elder futhark instead of an anglo saxon rune row. Second is a pattern welded ring. The steel was made by my friend Chris Andrews who also pounded it into tube form. I sawed off this section filed it half round and added the silver liner. The last three pictures are of some viking twisted bracelets and rings. I made the bracelets about 14 years ago for my wife and myself. I'd seen pictures of similar bracelets in a national geographic and just stared at the pictures until I figured out how they did it. Just this last week I decided to make us some rings to go along with them hers is the smaller one that follows the same pattern as the bracelets the other one is a replica of a pretty common style of viking ring (that I just finished up today)I'm pretty happy with that one.


At any rate I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments!



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Nice work. I like the first one especially. I've been meaning to try making a rings for some time now, and this might be the inspiration I needed to get moving B)



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John, Thanks, the rune ring was fun to do. I'd like to do one in a gold alloy and fill the runes with niello... Someday. :rolleyes:


Matthew, The bracelets are just twisted wire. I twisted two 9" lengths of 12 gauge wire together. Then I twisted two additional 9" lengths of 12 gauge wire together, ending up with 2, 8 inch lengths of twisted wire. Then I took the two two twists and twisted them together ending up with the stock to make the bracelet. Does that make any sense? Most viking bracelets made in this manner are made of three twists rather than two but that was all the wire I had at the time.

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