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Some leather work.........

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.............by Scott Teaschner.


I wanted to show off some leather work by my sheath maker, Scott Teaschner, that is on its way to me now in the mail.

The damascus blades still need to be hot-blued prior to Atlanta, so the focus here is on the sheaths - not the knives.

I also throw in the picture of an archery arm guard to show the style of tooling Scott is quite comfortable with! ;)


Elephant on the arm guard inlay and caped buffalo on the sheath.


Thanks for indulging me.







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I need to sit down with someone who's good with leather for some instruction. Watching every video the internet has to offer is helpful but, It doesnt take the place of personal direction. I scored a huge leather tooling set up, and it's been sitting in my closet collecting dust.. Shameful!!

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Wow, that´s really breathtaking work. Absolutely brilliant.

By the way- here in Germany the professionals doing this kind of work are called "taeschner". Maybe there´s a long tradition in his family.

Congrats on those nice pieces,




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There is so much talent shown in these. Very uniform and strong tooling, and the curly cues with the swivel knife show great control and experience.

Nice designs.

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