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Hello again, I hope you all are fine and have a great summer.

I was bussy the last 12 month leading the produktion of a kitchen knive manufactur here in Germany, but also able to finish this Jambia over the last few month.

I hope you like it.


More to come soon








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That is truly beautiful... I love the simplicity of the white handle in contrast with the gray and copper. Lovely finish on the habaki as well.

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I love it. It's probably the best non-native jambaya I've ever seen. It impresses me so much because, on the one hand, it's very clear what it is, instead of the typical "something really swoopy and supposedly Persian", while, at the very same time, is very unique in the small touches you put in.


I'm very impressed,



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I can't imagine getting that raise center ridge so perfect.

Indeed! Beautifully done in every regard! The low layer count makes for a great contrast, really catches the eye.



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Outside of Arabic nations you don't see that much. Really cool stuff!!! One of my favorite designs.

I think T.E Lawrence would have been proud to wear that.


When seeing blades like this I can't help but get frustrated at my lack of skill.


Awesome just awesome!!!


Is that Ivory??

Edited by Geoff Hardy
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