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Curly Koa Camp Cutter

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This is a new bowie I just finished up (still needs a sheath). It is my first time doing a tapered tang, and surprisingly it turned out quite well.

The Blade is .214" 5160 and the handle is curly Koa w/ stainless pins. This is kind of a new style for me with this type of dropped edge at the handle, without a large radius there.

The OAL is 15", with a 9 7/8" blade.

Let me know what you guys think.















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Thats a nice knife!!! I love the bevel on the spine it adds to a long sleek distal tapper. Thanks for sharing



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Very nice, indeed. When I want to make a shoulder like that where the tang and blade joint I will put the "heal" of the blade on the face of the anvil with the point up and drive the heal down onto the anvil. This moves and upsets the steel in that area and I go back and draw it a little more squared off with a square, flat faced hammer. You will want to do that before you have the point of the blade drawn out or you will have to go back and rework it again. It does help if you only have a heat on the blade where you want to move the steel.


I can get a 90 degree angle at the junction of the blade and tang that way. All I have to do is go in with a round file and relieve the inside corner when I'm grinding.



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I tend to take an all or nothing philosophy when it comes to forge finish on blades, but the little line that you left works really well. Overall, a beautiful knife

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