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Andy Davis

Time to catch up!

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Hey everyone! Been a while since I have posted here, although amidst renovating a shop, moving closer to said renovating shop, graduating college, and becoming a full time teacher and knife maker, somehow I forgot about BSF!

Quickly i'd like to say, I'm exceedingly jealous that i am not heading to Alaska this weekend for the most bad-ass sword seminar to have ever happened in the past 1000 years. I do hope you all are safe, but not too safe!


So here is my catch-up post.

I would like to introduce my new LLC "A. Davis Metalworx" that will be solely my teaching and knifemaking business. as of the past month I have been teaching a few one-on-one classes and absolutely LOVE it. I cannot wait for my 4 new students to start in July. I am really looking forward to what they can teach me and what i can learn from them!

Since graduating college I have seen my work in a completely new light. "close enough" doesn't cut it. It's the details that count when it comes to knives. I have a whole new outlook on how I make knives and how to teach that to other people. In the midst of teaching I have learned a great deal about my own craftsmanship as a knifemaker, and as an artist.


That being said, I'll keep this topic mostly images, since i honestly don't have the attention span to sit down and write you guys a book about my life, and my future, although I am SURE you'd be excited to know ;)


Without further ado, I will prove to you I have not slacked off this month.


First up. Double ground carbon fiber with red liners and stainless pins. It was crafted from some W2 rom Aldo. It warped heavily during Heat Treat, but I was able to get it back strait as arrow. I then overcorrected for the bend and quenched it again, perfectly strait.




Next is a bit of an odd project. But one that was extremely challenging as an artists and a craftsman. I had to utilize every aspect of woodworking and metalworking I knew. While the finished product looks good, almost everything was made twice. Although i had to coin a new phrase to repeat every night before bed "if it's not right the first time, do it again tomorrow." Many nights I fell asleep telling myself that! In the end it was well worth it. The owner (a chef who works in Washington, DC) was extremely satisfied with it! Bloodwood, 1095 and 15N20 blade.




Next up is the most recent knife i made. Worked on a set of three of these yesterday and today. I only got this one finished though. But the other two are waiting for glue to dry. They are very utilitarian knives compared to what I normally make. i hope whoever ends up with them will use them! Walnut, 1095, and bronze.




Next is another double hollow ground knife. It has Tiger maple scales and has some hefty duty filework. The steel again is Aldo's W2.




This guy is just a really quick experiment with Teak. I have never used the material before and wanted to see how it looked in an overall package. I have ALOT of teak (>2tons) so I will probably be pumping out a few with teak here and there. Kinda looks like a shark. It still needs some etching on the blade as well as some woodburning on the handle and sheath. blade is 1085

IMG_0340 copy.jpgIMG_0356 copy.jpg



last but not least, A bushcraft machete. i sold six of these guys to a man who was going to resell them. Keep an eye out for any of them if they pop up! They are 1085 with cord wrap. Nothing special, but they are good utility knives. The patina is a little experiment. It's just finely ground sawdust sprinkled on the blade, then ferric Chloride is squirted on with a spray bottle and when it comes in contact with the sawdust it pools up in funny looking shapes. Worked out nicely for these guys.




Wish I could type more, but my hands are numb from the grinder and there are some designs bouncing in my head that I have got to get on paper before they fly the coupe!


Thanks everyone for your support of both David and I as we travel down our roads into new horizons. I'm sure we will both have an ever increasing amount of new work to post as the days and weeks go by.


Thanks again BSF!



A. Davis Metalworx

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Hi Andy,


I didn't get to meet you last weekend at the Macabee Hammer-in, but I did enjoy getting to see some of these knives in person. Great work, and refreshingly unique designs!



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You have been busy.

What was your major in college, if you don't mind my asking (I am a prof, after all).


There is definitely some different stylings in there. I like the minimal approach to the dagger blades. Looks cool. Guards are nice, but they sometimes get in the way.


teaching is great, you will learn much about yourself and about your subject through teaching, if you are able to be comfortable in your own skin and realize that it's ok to not know the answer to a question. Just means you and the student have to work together to find it (sorry to get all philosophical, but it is true).


take care,


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I second Kevin, but I have to add: Please resize those pics, dude! You nearly crashed my cable modem. :P

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Good to hear from you, Andy. Nice knives, even if I did have to download them over two sessions. B) How do you have your classes set up? You're close enough that I might want to take a look into classes next summer. The hammer-in that you and Dave put on two years ago was only about 4-5 hours down the road on route 36 (three and a half if you take the interstate).



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Glad that everything is going so well! Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy, especially with all that teak ;)

Good luck with your new endeavours, and I might have to make it down for a class if I can get away.



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